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PC Upgrades

PC seen better days?

Feel as though your computer could do with a pep up?

Look no further, we offer a unique service where we only charge you cost price of the parts and a small charge for the time taken to carry out the upgrade.

As we only carry the bare essentials in stock and we buy products in to order, you are guaranteed the most up to date pricing for anything you buy.  You are not going to be paying for parts that may have been sitting on a shelf for many months.

Please call 01286805004 and we will be happy to discuss a potential upgrade, alternatively e-mail us at info@noworriesuk.co.uk.

Depending on the age and specification of your computer, it can sometimes be more cost effective to actually buy a new computer.  A lot of the older computers now are not compatible with the latest technology, for example, you may ask to upgrade your processor, but if your computer is a few years old you cant just replace the processor.  A new processor would mean a new motherboard and possibly even new memory.  In some cases this may even require a new case.

With this in mind, always be sure you are not going to be throwing good money after bad.  Upgrades are a nice idea but not always the most cost effective, especially when new computers are as cheap as they are nowadays.

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